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For back issues of The Current, click here. And keep an eye out for The Current #4, available on newsstands and in better occult bookstores this Fall.

Aum. Ha. is proud to offer the third issue of the newest incarnation of our Lodge's publication:

The Current, Issue #3, Spring 2010E.V.

current cover, #3 Letter from the Editor, by Fr. Upowat

Liber B vel Magi vv. 2 & 3, by Fr. Lammassu Dam Ki Ag

Indices of Moonchild and Diary of a Drug Fiend, by Kikhos ba-Midhbar

Curse, Murder, and the Occult in Chicago, by Henry Anderson

Hagios Hagios Hagios Bier!, by Fr. Lammassu Dam Ki Ag

What is Lucid Dreaming?, by Fr. Cerno

Good Riddance to Theology, by T Popyphilus, Ep. Gn.

Occult Elements in Western Graphic Art, by Deum Degusto

Thelemic Hands at Work, by Henry Anderson

Reviews and Games

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